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Design faults that caused bridge collapse in Miami

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Pedestrian bridge collapse in Miami Pedestrian bridge collapse in Miami

A pedestrian section of the 53-meter FIU Sweetwater University City bridge collapsed in Miami killing six and injuring 9 people on March 15, 2018.

According to Federal investigators report, the strength of the bridge's framework was overestimated by the designers. Faults of the design were obvious even before the collapse as cracks had already appeared.

"The investigation continues to examine the design, review, and construction processes as well as the actions taken once the cracking was observed," the report said. However, tests in concrete samples showed that the deck and canopy were sufficient.

2 days earlier, a voicemail was sent to Florida Department of Transportation (DOT) by an engineer of the FIGG Bridge Group. In this voicemail, he reported a large crack in the span of the bridge. However, officials did not consider this as a problem and unfortunately this message was not heard before the collapse.

Documents that Associated Press (AP) obtained show an alteration in the placement of a support tower at its north end. Engineers that revised this decision state that this change may have contributed to the collapse.



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Pedestrian Bridge in Miami Collapses

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