The International Information Center for Structural Engineers

About Us

Our Mission: is part of an interconnected network of Centers with the Mission to be a catalyst for innovation & excellence in practice, research and education of the construction industry. We achieve our Mission by creating unique resources, applications & communication tools, and by promoting cutting edge information that impacts the industry and its image on a global and local scale.

How we began:

Our Network of Centers was founded in 2000 by Dr. Dimitrios Zekkos, P.E., as part of an initiative to provide useful resources to engineers, students and Professors engaged in the Civil, Environmental and Construction Industry, by taking advantage of Information Technology.

Where we are today:

Today has grown to be one of the most popular structural engineering websites with thousands of monthly visitors and members. It is managed by a team of structural engineers, structural engineering data miners, information technology professionals, and marketing specialists, working together to provide professionals and academia in the  construction industry with relevant information and communication services.

We can help you:

Through online databases, news distribution services and professional networking tools, the Center addresses the needs of structural engineering professionals and related companies and organizations on a global scale.

Our network of CEE websites:

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