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An epic observation route 45 metres above the ground

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The Treetop Experience, an elevated walk through Glisselfeld Kloster in Haslev, one of Denmark's preserved forests, is scheduled to open next year. The 600-metre-long treetop walkway, together with a 45-meter-tall observation tower, promises breathtaking 360° views over the forest canopy. 

The Treetop Experience is the new project of the Danish architecture studio EFFEKT to be built in Camp Adventure, an adventure park located in the preserved forests of Glisselfeld Kloster, Haslev â€“ one hour south of Copenhagen. The area is characterized by a hilly landscape that is rare in the typically flat region and features several natural elements like lakes, creeks and wetlands. A 600-metre-long treetop walkway is currently under construction, which will be connected to a 45-meter-tall observation tower with 360° views over the forest canopy. The walkway will be split into two sections, with the higher path passing through the older sections of the forest, while the lower path will be level with the younger saplings and trees. Both the tower and treetop walk function as a seamless continuous ramp that will make the forest accessible to all, regardless of their physical condition and is expected to be open to the public in mid-2018.

The design

Starting at ground level, the ramp will lead the visitor over a split-level bridge, and up around the first helical ramp, which then flattens out to an elevated path through the forest canopy. Arriving at the spiraling ramp of the 13-tier observation tower, the visitor can fully take in the forest’s beauty at the 360° viewing platform. The continuous ramp will be fully accessible, with diverse design features – including bleacher seating; an aviary; looping pathways; and bridges – bringing variation to the viewing experience. The observation tower on the other hand, will be shaped like an hourglass with an enlarged base and crown, a design which offers both structural support and better contact to the forest canopy, and will be surrounded by a lattice of COR-TEN steel as it is maintenance-free.


The treetop walkway is designed to pass sensitively through the trees with minimal disturbance to the environment. The materials have been carefully chosen with a sustainable and sensitive approach, so that the structures blend harmoniously with the historic woodland. The surface of the boardwalk and ramp is made from the forest’s own timber.


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Images source: Dezeen

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