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First 3D-Printed U.S. Estate Slated for 2017

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First 3D-Printed U.S. Estate Slated for 2017 CNN

The first 3D printed estate in the United States is set to be complete by the end of 2017. The ambitious project is being undertaken by New York City architect Adam Kushner, alongside partners including 3D-printing pioneer Enrico Dini and his D-Shape firm. The estate will feature a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, carport and a 2,400 square foot house in upstate New York.

The project is dependent on getting a large 3D printer, which will be used to produce the digitally designed building blocks, into the U.S. The device is currently in Italy as it was originally planned for a project partly funded by the Italian defense agencies. Military clearance is required before shipment of the printer to the U.S. is granted.

“We are now waiting (for) permission to borrow the printer (from the military),” said Dini. “If I had another printer I’d send in there tomorrow, but unfortunately we don’t have and must wait.”

The Netherlands has already 3D-printed a house and China has 3-D printed mansions. DUS Architects in the Netherlands continue to piece together its 3D-printed house using the “KamerMaker” machine, while Chinese firm WinSun claim to have printed a six-story tower block in the city of Suzhou.

The practice for the U.S. estate entails collecting sand, dust and gravel on site and mixing them with a magnesium-based binding agent to produce the 3D-printed building blocks. The material, according to the D-Shape website, is “similar to marble”.

If D-Shape can prove its technology works and is efficient, Kushner is confident it could lead to faster, safer, cheaper and higher quality construction methods.

“This is not superfluous, nor a lazy idyll,” said Kushner. “I think it’s as important as the automobile was in changing the design of cities or how the printing press altered communication.”


Source: CNN

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