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Jakarta is sinking into the sea: Construction of massive wall suggested

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Jakarta needs a massive wall to prevent sinking into the sea Jakarta needs a massive wall to prevent sinking into the sea

According to the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, a massive sea wall must be constructed around Jakarta, the capital city of the country, otherwise, it will sink into the sea in the following decades.

Scientists predict that, considering the current data, about 1/3 of Jakarta will sink beneath the sea by 2050 if left unprotected. The impact of such a disaster will be devastating as millions of people will lose their properties and will be relocated.

The phenomenon is not entirely caused by sea level rise but mostly due to extreme subsidence (up to 20 cm per year in some regions) that the city experiences. Those huge settlements are caused due to the construction of massive buildings, including skyscrapers, on top of soil with inadequate properties and as a result of urban mismanagement. Moreover, due to the water's network deficiencies, companies and locals are using water from Jakarta's aquifers which are constantly dropping, a fact that further increases the settlements due to soil's consolidation process. Some parts of the city are already 2-4 meters beneath the sea level.

The construction of a massive wall to protect the city is a project that is considered for over a decade. The total cost is expected to reach $41.6 billion. President Widodo raises awareness about the necessity of the structure. "This huge project will need to be done quickly to prevent Jakarta from sinking under the sea," he stated. However, the cost of the project and its potential harm to fishing industry have delayed its implementation.

Mr. Widodo also wishes to apply significant modifications and reforms over his 2nd incumbency. Recently, the President expressed his will to create a new capital where the government will be hosted. His aim is to decongest the population density in Jakarta where 57% of the total Indonesian people live. Moreover, he suggests that the new city will be established outside of Java Island. "We want to separate the capital, the center of government and Jakarta as a business and economic center. We don't want all the money existing only in Java. We want it to be outside Java as well," he stated.



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