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Northwoods camp building collapse caught on camera

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Northwoods camp building collapse caught on camera-Source: Northwoods camp building collapse caught on camera-Source:

The weight of a thick layer of snow caused the collapse of a 70-year old building located at a scout camp in Wisconsin's Northwoods.

The building was constructed in 1948 and served as a dining facility until 2000. After the new millennium, it was converted into a program center and winter storage. "The building will be sadly missed by many past and present scouts," camp officials stated.

A team of Scout volunteers were preparing for maple syrup season when they noticed cracking noises deriving from the structure. They used cameras and a drone to capture the collapse of the building that could not withstand the weight of the snow on its roof. The walls burst after the roof gave way due to the heavy load and the entire structure crumbled.

Camp leaders stated that they do not know if they should replace the collapsed facility with a new one.

Click the link below to watch the footage of the collapse documented by the volunteers.



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Northwoods scout dining hall collapses under snow

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