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Storm Ophelia’s winds rip school roof off in Dublin (video)

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On the afternoon of October 16th, the roof of Douglas Community School’s PE hall in Cork, Dublin City in Ireland was ripped off by the extreme winds of storm Ophelia. Being a hurricane as it crossed the Atlantic, Ophelia has reached the UK and Ireland yesterday, exactly 30 years after the Great Storm of 1987 that killed 18 people. It was anticipated to be the worst storm to hit the country in more than half a century, so many schools were closed and troops were placed on standby.

At least three people have died as a result of the former hurricane and many structures faced damages by the 70mph winds, like the nearby Cork City’s stadium which was severely hit. A Cork City spokesman said: “There has been some structural damage to a roof but until it’s safe to go in and assess that, we can’t confirm the extent of anything.” The storm also left about 230,000 homes without power.

Source: Buzz 

school roof Dublin 1

The roof after it landed in a nearby garden.


school roof Dublin 2

The roof of a school gym was ripped off by extreme winds and the image shows the extent of the damage. (Photo source: Tweeter)


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