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Massive fire explosion in Paris residential building

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Fire explosion in Paris residential building Fire explosion in Paris residential building

A massive explosion was caused by fire in a residential building located in the northeastern area of Paris, France.

The incident occurred on Saturday, 6 of April, 2019. According to officials, the fire started both inside and outside the building and moved through 4 floors of the structure. Fortunately, there were no victims.

About 100 firefighters and ambulances were summoned at the scene in order to put out the fire. "We have managed to contain the fire. A number of people had evacuated before our arrival," Gabriel Plus, the spokesperson for Paris Fire Service stated. He also added that it is too early to determine the causes of the fire but it might have spread through the 2 elevator shafts of the building. Officials confirmed that the structure is not served by a gas pipeline that could justify the fire's ignition. Totally, 27 apartment buildings suffered damage by the fire.

The explosion was caught on camera by locals (see the footage below). All residents had evacuated the building at that time.

One of them stated that she was safe but she was worried about her neighbors. Another witness uploaded a photograph on Twitter with the caption "Violent fire in the 19th in Paris in a residential building. Explosion heard instantly. Firefighters on site."


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Explosion rocks Paris as fire ravages residential building

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