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Retaining wall collapses in Holly Springs, North Carolina

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Holly Springs Target retaining wall collapse Holly Springs Target retaining wall collapse

A retaining wall, located in a Target store in Holly Springs, North Carolina, gave way at about 4:15 p.m. local time, on February 23, 2019.

The failure occurred at the store's car lot but, fortunately, no vehicle was damaged and no one was injured. Moreover, the store remained open with some limitations.

An official report about the cause of the collapse was not issued but the failure was preceded by a week of persistent rainfall.

Stuff of the store performed detailed investigation to find any possible hazards in the construction. According to officials, there's was no running water inside the store and therefore the sprinkler system and the restrooms were out of order, but in other respects, the building was operational.

Some costumers were displeased with the lack of water. "I think they should have been more upfront that this isn't working so if you're coming in, you're coming in with a complete understanding what that means. I think that would have been important to know," one of them said.



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Holly Springs Target retaining wall collapse

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