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New open source tool to evaluate buildings’ environmental impact

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Evaluating Building's Environmental Impact Evaluating Building's Environmental Impact

An open source computing tool that is capable of calculating CO2 emissions in every phase of a building project is now available.

The software was developed by ARDITEC, a research group from the Higher Technical School of Building Engineering at the University of Seville. The purpose is to provide important data concerning the carbon footprint of residential buildings during every step of the construction procedure.

Until today, CO2 emissions were not measured during the construction phase of a building. However, it is critical to obtain such data in order to decide whether preventative actions should be taken. Such actions include different approach in construction method, choice of materials, deconstruction systems and means of transport among others. Jaime Solís, Professor at the University of Seville and head of the project states: "The first step in managing and reducing CO2 emissions associated with building construction is to calculate them, to know the importance of this environmental aspect, and apply measures to improve the situation. To better understand the environmental impact and work on it, it is important to measure the CO2 emissions from the design and conception of the building and, according to these measurements, know the possibilities for reducing the carbon footprint and making a more sustainable, low-carbon building."

The new tool will provide a piece of information that engineers were unaware of. Buildings with similar characteristics but with different construction procedures can be evaluated from an environmental point of view, studying which is less harmful for the environment. Therefore, it is an asset that could change the way residential buildings are designed and constructed provided that a legal framework including CO2 emissions limitation in the construction process will be developed.


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