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US infrastructure scores a D+: more than $4.5 trillion need to be invested by 2025

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I-75 Roadway Expansion (iROX) | Florida, US I-75 Roadway Expansion (iROX) | Florida, US

The roads, bridges, public drinking and water systems, dams, airports and mass transit systems in the US are in need of massive restoration. This is what the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) said in its 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, an assessment of the nation's infrastructure that comes out every 4 years. The organization evaluated it with an overall grade of D+, the same score as in 2013, pointing out that the country will need to invest $4.59 trillion by 2025 to improve its condition.

According to the report, the government and private sector will need to increase its investment in the nation's infrastructure from 2.5% to 3.5% of GDP by 2025 in order to raise its overall score, meet future needs and restore the nation’s competitive advantage. It is also mentioned that if the government continues on the same trajectory it is currently on, this will result in $3.9 trillion in losses to the GDP and 2.5 million jobs lost, as a reliable infrastructure system strengthens the nation's economy, enhances public safety and can improve the quality of life.

In an attempt to reduce infrastructure life cycle costs by 50% by 2025 and foster the optimization of infrastructure for society, ASCE asks civil engineers from all backgrounds to join its ‘Grand Challenge’ action, offering their knowledge and innovative ideas towards this goal.

The organization evaluates 16 major infrastructure categories to come up with the overall grade and here is this year’s breakdown:

Aviation: D

Bridges: C+

Dams: D

Drinking Water: D

Energy: D+

Hazardous Waste: D+

Inland Waterways: D

Levees: D

Parks and Recreation: D+

Ports: C+

Rail: B

Roads: D

Schools: D

Solid Waste: C+

Transit: D-

Wastewater: D+


Source: Business Insider


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