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Two buildings collapse in France: Fear for 8 people dead

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Two Buildings Collapse Marseille Two Buildings Collapse Marseille

Two buildings collapsed in the city of Marseille in France on Monday November 5, 2018.

The constructions gave away at about 9 a.m. on Rue (street) d'Aubagne. According to a report from the Interior Minister Christophe Castaner on late Monday, 8 people, 5 residents and 3 visitors, were still missing. Moreover, Marseille fire department stated that 2 people walking in the streets were slightly injured.

The first building, being in a precarious state, was (at least in theory) abandoned. In the other one, 9 out of 10 apartments and a shop were occupied.

A young man, devastated, describes his agony about an Italian woman who lived in a building and was still missing: "She was a great girl, she used to come and study at the bar," he said. A resident who had left the building earlier adds: "For days, the doors of some of the apartments wouldn't close. It could have been me."

It is believed that the collapse was caused due to heavy rainfall. As a precaution, city authorities evacuated 100 people from nearby buildings. 

The incident has triggered a series of doubts about the safety of the Western city's buildings as many of them appear to be on a poor condition. A governmental report on 2015 states that about 100.000 people in Marseille live in hazardous constructions.



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Two buildings have collapsed in Marseille, France

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