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Advertising Services

The “engine” behind is Argo-E LLC and its network of Centers, a talented team of structural engineers, marketing professionals, information technology specialists and computer scientists that collaboratively provide a range of unique services listed below. View our Advertising Kit and contact us for more information.


Advertising Services

We offer the following promotional services:



Display Advertising

We accept a variety of web banner sizes (inc. IAB standard sizes) and target them to specific sections and pages of our website.

green-tick Square (150x150),

green-tick Wide Skyscraper (160x600),

green-tick Alternative Leaderboard (670x90),

green-tick Button 2 (120x60),

green-tick Branded Background Skin Ads.


Text Advertising

We accept text ads (text links/ sponsored links) with the text of your choice (i.e. your brand name and tagline) which lead to your preferred web page.


We provide a variety of opportunities for promotion through our monthly Newsletters (display and/or text advertising, event or book promotion, etc.) Subscribe Now OR Click for a Sample Issue

Press Release & News Distribution

We search for and promote your news and press releases in our news sections.

Social Media Posts

We post your news and press releases in our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Software Listings

We include your software and its description and links to your website in our relevant software listings categories.

Events Listing

We promote your upcoming events (conferences, courses, webinars) and their description and links to your website in our event section. We also offer extra promotion through display banners on the Event Section. Contact us for our latest Event Promotion Packages!

Publication Listings

We feature your books, each with a cover photo, description and link to order online our books page and feature it in our e-newsletter. We also include your papers, case histories and other publications in our relevant website sections and databases. Extra promotion is offered through display banners on the Feautured Books and Publications Home Pages. Contact us for our latest Publication Promotion Packages!

Project Listings

We feature your projects (past and upcoming) with your logo, its description, photographs and videos, as well as links to your website in our projects section.

Featured Sections

We offer extra monthly promotion of your projects, products, services, software, books, etc., through featured sections and premium placements.

Creation of your Page within

We create and maintain your special page within, which includes your basic information and offerings, as well as latest news and ways our audience can interact with your organization and brand(s).


Web and IT Services

Argo-E serves the Civil, Environmental and Construction (CEE) industry and provides solutions to the toughest IT problems. We can also help you design, develop and maintain your website as well as provide modern solutions for online marketing.


With clients in more than 15 countries, Argo-E is prefered by leading companies and organizations in the CEE industry. Here are a few reasons why:


  • Because we have a commitment to quality and innovation;
  • Because we are the only IT and website development team that in addition to designers has involved in the development, structural engineers and marketing professionals who know the industry, what your website needs and how to do this effectively;
  • Because, as the developers of leading Cyber-Infrastructure in the CEE industry, we are continuously up-to-date the latest innovations in the information technology, and employ them to catapult your firm's online presence and promotion in the Industry;
  • We work with leading companies such as Hayward Baker, Nicholson Construction, Bentley Systems, and others, while key industry organizations, such as ISSMGE, Geo-Institute, DFI, have repeatedly trusted us with their online image and promotion.


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