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Self-deploying building unfolds in just 10 minutes

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An innovative solution for mobile housing

The UK-based Ten Fold engineering  came up with a technology developed to serve the different needs of different people all around the world. The company manufactures versatile, easy to build and to assemble buildings that can be easily relocated, characteristics that make them ideal for use at disaster relief sites or in areas with limited housing.

Having the form of an ISO container, a whole house can be transported by a truck and unloaded at the preferable site without the need of a crane. Then, the structure self-unfolds in only a few minutes, offering approximately 70 m2 (753 ft2) of ready-to-use space when fully expanded. It also features a 20 m3 storage area (available in the center of the unit when closed) that can be used for facilities, fittings and/or storage, where the house’s furniture or other equipment can be put during transportation. The units can even be stacked to create large communities or hotels, and because the technology is customizable, apart from houses, it can be used to create stairs, covers, stadiums, arches, solar panel applications and much more.

The nature of the construction method makes the buildings very resistant to damage from natural forces, while there is no need for foundations in the traditional sense. The structure stands on nesting pyramid foundation pads that adapt well to most ground challenges, offering a solution to height and ground type differentials too.

Ten Fold engineering has created 6 early prototypes to complete testing, while a full scale working prototype was also built to prove the practical application of the units. Prices will soon be announced, and they will depend on the size, complexity and comfort level of each unit, but also on the degree of specialized adaption to the ground or location. According to the company’s website though, early production cost projections indicate that this is an economic building model. 

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foldable house ready in 10 minutes2


foldable house ready in 10 minutes3


foldable house ready in 10 minutes4


foldable house ready in 10 minutes5


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