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Price: $ 550,00


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Software Category Analysis of Plates, Analysis of Frames, Analysis of Beams
License Type Commercial

ADAPT-RC is for the analysis and/or design of reinforced concrete beams, slabs and floor systems. It is based on a single story frame, featuring the Equivalent Frame modeling of the ACI code as an option. In its design mode, the program determines the deflection and reinforcement for a user defined geometry, material and loading. In its analysis mode, for a given floor geometry, loading and reinforcement, the software determines the capacity of the floor and compares it with the code stipulated demand. In both the design and the analysis modes, the deflections are calculated using cracked sections, with each span subdivided into 20 segments. ADAPT-RC is easy to use, yet thorough and rigorous in its formulation. Its graphical display gives a vivid account of moments, reinforcement and other parameters. ADAPT-RC handles both prismatic and non-prismatic spans, as well as supports with different boundary conditions. A solid model viewer allows the user to examine the input structure for a visual check on the accuracy of data entry. The primary application of the software is in building construction and parking structures.



This software is based on the time proven Equivalent Frame Method (EFM) of analysis and features the following:

  • Complete modeling and design of reinforced concrete beam and floor systems
  • Fast, intuitive tabular input for project models
  • Investigation mode - analysis and capacity calculation of an existing floor
    • Gives the capacity of a floor system for a user-defined reinforcement distribution
    • Performs capacity/demand analysis for existing floor systems
    • Calculates deflection based on user specified loading and reinforcement
  • Advanced analysis options
    • Moment redistribution
    • Inclusion of lateral loads
    • Deflection calculation, including cracked section analysis
  • Comprehensive design capabilities
    • Reinforcement check for strength and minimum code requirements
    • Beam shear and punching shear checks
    • Integrated punching shear reinforcement design (studs or stirrups)
  • Concise reporting
    • Graphical display of moments, shears and deflections for each load combination
    • Graphical and tabular display of location, length and amount of reinforcement required
  • Two version options to meet your project and budget size
    • Both versions contain same functionality, but vary in max number of spans allowed
    • ADAPT-RC Standard: up to 5 interior spans and 2 cantilevers
    • ADAPT-RC Plus: up to 20 interior spans and 2 cantilevers
Developed by ADAPT Company
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Price: $ 550,00
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