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Price: $ 170,00


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Title MECAWind
Software Category Wind Loading
License Type Commercial

Calculates wind pressures per ASCE 7-05 "Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures" for All types of buildings and structures. Performs Gust calculations for Rigid and flexible structures, with the gust factor for flexible structures based upon the natural frequency and damping of the structure. Also calculates the topographic factors and provides a comprehensive list of all shape factors for the structure and attachments.

MECAWind will handle low rise (<= 60 ft) buildings, using either the detailed (Method 2) or the simplified (Method 1) provisions. MECAWind can also be used to calculate wind loads on buildings greater than 60 ft in height.

Different wind directions can be changed easily by re-entering the width and depth of the structure relative to the wind. All force coefficients are calculated for windward walls, leeward walls, side walls, roof's perpendicular to ridge, roof's parallel to ridge, and roof overhangs. MECAWind also calculates the force coefficients and wind pressures for Components and Cladding, simply by entering the width, span, and zone for the component.




  • Improved User Interface - The program now has a simplified user interface which has a Wizard to guide the user through all of the options or use the tab system to enter and verfiy all options. ASCE 7 can be overwhelming to even the most experienced designer, so this wizard is intended to break the code down into plain language and help the user determine what options to select
  • Metric Units - The program now converts to metric with the click of a button
  • Help File - The help file is much improved for the program and can be printed out and kept for a desk reference. The file is in pdf format.
  • Calculate wind pressures on a structure in 5 minutes or less.
  • Clear and professional output complete with sketches to illustrate
  • Performs the complicated and tedious flexible gust factor calculations automatically
Developed by Meca Enterprises, Inc.
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Price: $ 170,00
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