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Software information [-]
Title KaderColumn
Software Category Analysis of Columns
License Type Commercial

KaderColumn program deals with reinforced concrete tied short columns. It designs columns subjected to up to eleven cases of loading consisted of axial load and bending moment applied about the maximum principle axis. The program constructs the column strength interaction diagram (Bending moment-Axial load curve) from the input data of the cross-section and check if all input cases of loading being within the design curve. If the input data of the cross-section is not sufficient the program increases them starting from the Min. Roh to the cross-sectional dimensions until all input cases of loading being within the design curve. The program suggests an arrangement of ties and draws them.




  • It is very simple and short.
  • It calculates and draws the column strength interaction diagram for a reinforced concrete tied short column which has a rectangular (with rebars at two sides only or at all four sides), square or circular section and subjected to axial load and bending moment about the max. principle axis of its cross-section..
  • Up to eleven cases of loads (axial load and bending moment) are allowed. The program checks all these cases to be within the column interaction diagram.
  • It designs the section and draws it with a suitable arrangement of ties.
  • The user can modify the section dimensions, the min. and max. percentage of reinforcement and some other parameters to get the reasonable section from his point of view.
  • The user can save and open the input data file that can be saved by the program.
  • The program uses the ultimate strength method for design and follows the appropriate ACI 318-02 Code requirements.
Developed by Kader
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Price: $ 13,50
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