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Beam Foundation Analysis (GEMS)

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Price: $ 375,00


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Title Beam Foundation Analysis (GEMS)
Software Category Foundations
License Type Commercial
Description Features: • One click computation and analysis for all load cases and models. • Analysis of the beam foundation using both/either models. • Multiple load cases could be considered. • Graphical representation of the Plan and Elevation View of the beam foundation. • Graphical representation of loading diagrams for each load case. • Data can be input in either SI units or ‘Commonly used American units’ (Kips for force and foot for length). • Export results to Microsoft Word & Excel • The loading may consist of several concentrated loads & moments • Multiple uniformly distributed loads can be specified. • Self-weight may be included if required. • Different depths and breadths could be given for the beam. RCC inverted T beam sections and RSJ s could be considered by prescribing EI values directly. • Vertical displacements, rotations, vertical spring & rotational spring could be prescribed if required • Supports both Windows and macOS
Developed by gemsoftware
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Price: $ 375,00
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