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LimitState:RING 3.0

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Price: $ 3.975,00


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Software information [-]
Title LimitState:RING 3.0
Software Category Bridge Analysis
License Type Commercial

Flexibility and Power

  • Analyse single or multi-span bridges with no fixed upper limit on the allowable number of spans
  • Automatically identify the critical failure mode even if:Define and solve for multiple load cases
    • only a single span is involved
    • sliding is involved
    • modelling multi-ring arch bridges
  • Automatically detect 'passive' pressures - analyse deep and multi-span arch problems without difficulty
  • Model the presence of arch backing material

Ease of Use

  • Easy to use wizard system for simple and speedy model definition
  • Modern, intuitive interface with an interactive modelling environment
  • Comprehensive library of standard road and rail vehicles
  • Property editor allows quick querying and modification of model properties
  • 3D graphical output for better understanding
  • Automatic report generation

Specify Local Properties

  • User-definable arch and backfill profiles
  • User-definable individual block weights, masonry strength, mortar loss etc.

Proven Track Record

LimitState:RING is the product of many years research effort.

  • The first version of the software was originally developed as an academic research tool in 1992, with results published in papers in The Structural Engineer and elsewhere
  • The first public versions were developed in association with Network Rail
  • Later versions were developed for worldwide use in association with the International Union of Railways (UIC)


LimitState:RING uses the 'rigid block' method of analysis, which idealizes a masonry arch structure as an assemblage of rigid blocks and uses computational limit analysis methods to analyse the collapse state only.

Developed by LimitState
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Price: $ 3.975,00
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