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PowerPad Plus

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Title PowerPad Plus
Software Category General Structural Analysis, Analysis of Frames, Analysis of Beams, Concrete Design, Analysis of Columns, Wood Design, Steel Design, Masonry Design, Wind Loading, Foundations
License Type Commercial
Description asterSeries PowerPad is a complete structural analysis and design suite. It is the ideal software choice for Engineers who require a wide range of Design capabilities at an extremely affordable price. By bundling lite versions of the core analysis and design programs, MasterSeries PowerPad delivers a wide range of well-established programs (not pro-forma's) at less than a third of their full version price. At the heart of PowerPad is our powerful MasterFrame analysis module. This integrates directly with our steel, concrete, composite and timber design modules to give you a seamless, fully integrated, 3D analysis and design environment. PowerPad is a Lite version of MasterSeries, incorporating limited versions of core MasterSeries programs. A summary of the features can be found below. Analysis Frame Analysis - Analysis of beams, trusses, plane frames, grillages and space frames. With options for tension-only analysis, P-delta, the inclusion of haunches etc. Frame Analysis Pro - Gravity Area loading, Member Design Groups, Report generation. New for 2018 Portal Frame Analysis - Create 1 to 3 bay portal frames and analyse them as elastic, or plastic. You can also account for sway stability, and use P-delta analysis. Wind Analysis - Accurate wind loading for GB & Irish sites using the BS & EuroCode New for 2018 Member Design Steel Design - Integrated design of steel members for axial, moment, strut, tie, Annex-BB(G) Concrete Design - Integrated design of concrete beams, columns, and pad foundations Timber Design - Integrated design of axial with moment members, joists, rafters, and flitch beams Composite Design - Integrated design of primary and secondary composite beams Connection Design Simple Connections - Carry out the design of flexible end plates, fin-plates, angle cleats and more Moment Connections - Design connections for the eaves, apex, baseplates, splices etc Concrete and Masonry Design Masonry Design - Design cavity walls, freestanding walls, piers, and columns Pile Cap Design - Design pile caps to truss, beam and deep beam theories Retaining Wall Design - Design concrete and masonry retaining walls Other Features Office Tools - Customisable calculation templates, exporting to Word and Excel Beam Designers - Simple steel, concrete, and timber beam designers Multiple Codes - Design to both Eurocode and British Standard
Developed by Civil & Structural Computer Services Ltd
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