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Price: $ 55,00


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Software information [-]
Title Pipe3
Software Category Wind Loading
License Type Commercial
Description Program Features: This program provides a wide range of information on pipe properties and related items commonly used by engineers. Some of the features are: Pipe Data Base: This section provides information on pipe diameters, weights, section properties and bend radiuses. Socket Weld Fittings: This feature provides dimensional data on socket welded fittings based on pressure rating and pipe size. Material: This feature provides information on commonly used piping material such as Young’s modulus, coefficient of thermal expansion and allowable ASME III stress based on system temperature. Standard Tee Dimensions: This feature provides standard tee dimensions based on pipe size. Reducer Lengths: This feature provides reducer lengths based on pipe size. Flange Weights: This feature provides the weight of various flange types based on pipe size and pressure rating. Wind and Ice Loads: This feature provides wind and Ice loads on piping based on the requirements of ASCE 7-10. We consider this feature one of the most valuable features in the software. It eliminates the tedious process of working through the details of ASCE 7 and gives you pipe loads with just a few clicks. The program will run on Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.
Developed by Archon Engineering
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Price: $ 55,00

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