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SAFI Structural Software

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Software information [-]
Title SAFI Structural Software
Software Category Wood Design
License Type Commercial
Description WOOD DESIGN FEATURES The wall surfaces creation is fast and user-friendly: • Create rectangular walls in only two selections in a 3D environment. • The wall surfaces can be rectangular or trapezoid. • The wall surfaces can be copied to create the structure faces and the different stories of the structure. Attributes specific to Walls: •The walls can either be Bearing Walls or Shearwalls. The Bearing walls are an assembly of standard wood members. The Shearwalls include the same wood members and integrate a lateral load resistance which comes from the sheathing and the anchorages. • Each type of element in the wall is made of a simple or built-up wood section chosen by the user. • The studs are automatically positioned in the wall according to the selected spacing. Wall design assistance: The design sketch makes it easy to design the wall; • When the wall is edited, the wall sketch highlights the treated elements in the wall. • The wall sketch can be actualized when any parameter is modified. • It is possible to measure distances directly on the wall sketch. Openings from the opening library can be added to the wall: • The openings can be used for a series of walls. • Window or Door opening types can be created. • The lintel can be positioned directly above the opening or at the top of wall. • The opening members can have their sections assigned according to these of the wall or can be selected manually. Parametric generation of the model: • The wall generator creates the members and loading surfaces of the wall and assigns basic properties to these elements. • Many different elements automatically generated: Members, Loading surfaces, General member attributes and Wood member attributes. • All elements of the geometry can be generated at once. • All wall elements can be edited by the user, which gives a good flexibility. • The Sheathing parameters and the Anchorage configuration can be specified for each wall segment in order to calculate the shear resistance of the shearwall segments.
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