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Price: $ 119,00


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Software Category General Structural Analysis, Analysis of Plates, Analysis of Frames, Analysis of Beams, Concrete Design, General Finite Element Programs, Analysis of Columns, Wood Design, Steel Design, Masonry Design, Wind Loading, Foundations
License Type Commercial
Description Welcome to the end of installations, activations, update installations, maintaining multiple computers, and shuffling project files around. Welcome to using your ENERCALC Software anywhere - from your Windows PC, from your Mac, from your tablet, from your iPad, from your friend's laptop, from your hotel's business center…anywhere. Our state-of-the-art Cloud Computing infrastructure provides unparalleled capabilities, reliability and ultra-high speed for 24/7 global availability. Leveraging this technology, ENERCALC now offers ALL of our Structural Engineering programs as Cloud applications…with the same complete capabilities as the installed software. Powerful…Simple…Fast…and Available NOW! We call it ENERCALC SE, and here is what it offers: STRUCTURE: This is the calculation software used nationwide for decades named “Structural Engineering Library” 3D: Our 3D FEM analysis software that includes steel and concrete design. Incredibly powerful yet simple enough for 90% of your 3D modelling needs. EARTH: Since 1989 aka “RetainPro”, this well-known software provides extensive design of earth retention structures. Major benefits are: + No installation: Just link to a web page and launch our software. + No Activation or Activation Codes: Just enter your user number and password into our launching web page to access. + No Updating: We move our updates directly to the Cloud server image for instant availability. Instead of 5,000+ users having to download updates, the entire Cloud user base is updated instantly. + No file shuffling: You have one central Cloud SQL server database for all of your projects with the ability to upload local project files and download projects for local use or archiving. We’re confident you will find this an exceptionally simple and convenient way of using our software! Usage Features: + Cloud Storage of Data: Conserve your local resources, make data available to any of your users from any device, leave data backup to Amazon Web Services! Your data is stored in a large and secure database in our Cloud server infrastructure. We have a completely separate server dedicated to this task. This high memory, multiprocessor database server is needed to be sure that when hundreds OR THOUSANDS of users are working at once the data storage functions are handled immediately. We use SQL to handle the actual database storage architecture. The actual storage capacity is immense as we know that with our large user base we can have many Terabytes of project information to store. The main Project data are backed up in full every Sunday, snapshotted twice a day, and backed up automatically via log backups so that the system will lose no more than 5 minutes of activity (the last 5 minutes) if a crash occurs. + Intuitive Graphical User Interface: One that will be very familiar to those who are already experienced with all of our products. + Import/Export Capability: Allows importing a Structural Engineering Library or RetainPro file that was started on the installed versions. Also allows exporting a Project to a file that can be used on the installed version. + Archiving Capability: To minimize the list of projects that have already been retired. + PDF Convenience: Reports from ENERCALC SE are printed directly to a PDF file and instantly available on your computer browser. + Nearly Identical User Interface and capabilities as the as the installed version. All capabilities & no re-learning!
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Price: $ 119,00

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