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Software information [-]
Title AxisVM
Software Category General Structural Analysis
License Type Commercial

For nearly 25 years, AxisVM has been recognized as the industry standard for Building Analysis and Design Software. Today, continuing in the same tradition, AxisVM has evolved into a completely integrated building analysis and design environment. The system is built around a physical object based graphical user interface, powered by targeted new special purpose algorithms for analysis and design, with interfaces for drafting and manufacturing. It is thus redefining standards of integration, productivity and technical innovation.


With Axis VM the user may perform linear, nonlinear, buckling, vibration, seismic and dynamic analysis for truss, beam, rib, membrane, plate and shell strucutres in two and three dimensions. Additonally, pushover and time history analysis are made possible. The software implements an object-oriented architecture for the Finite Element Method. Note that the finite element analysis is only a tool, not a replacement for engineering judgement.


Each analysis consists of four steps:

  • Model optimization
  • Model verification
  • Performing the analysis
  • Result file generation allowing the user to import/export to DXF, IFC, SDNF, ASCII, STL file formats and many others. 


Axis VM also allows code checking and incorporates Eurocode-based design modules for steel, concrete and timber materials. The following Eurocode Design guidelines are available: EN1990, EN1991, EN1992, EN1993, EN1995, EN1997, EN1998. The dynamic report maker gives the user the capability of updating image and table captures automatically with model changes. It is available in 14 different languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Czech, Romanian, Slovak, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, Serbian, Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese.


Developed by InterCAD
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