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Attenuation Tank Design Spreadsheet to CIRIA C697: 2007

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Title Attenuation Tank Design Spreadsheet to CIRIA C697: 2007
Software Category General Structural Analysis, Other
License Type Commercial
Description Spreadsheet for calculating required volume of attenuation tank. Storage of this type is used to limit peak rate of run-off from development to watercourse i.e. to allow water to be slowly discharged to sewerage system. This is calculated based on a range of annual flow rate probabilities. Features: - User friendly and very easy to use; - A clear and easy to read output (all on a single page); - Design required storage volume based on one or two outflow rates; - Pop-up window for easier selection of rainfall ratios - gives figures for larger cities; - Automatically calculates Z2 growth factor based on given rainfall ratio, M5-60 rainfall depth and rainfall duration; - Covers ten rainfall duration periods: M1-D, M2-D, M3-D, M4-D, M5-D, M10-D, M20-D, M30-D, M50-D, M100-D; - Adjustable allowance for climate change; - Covers two site locations: England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; - Quick summary of results; - Compatible with older versions of Excel, like Excel 2003; - Design is in accordance with CIRIA C697: 2007 (the SUDS manual) & BRE Digest 365
Developed by YourSpreadsheets
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Price: £ 20,00
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