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CADS RC Beam Designer

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Title CADS RC Beam Designer
Software Category Analysis of Beams, Concrete Design
License Type Commercial

RC Beam Designer is a software application for computer aided design of continuous reinforced concrete beams.

Designers are offered a comprehensive selection of complete reinforcement solutions, which the software creates automatically in accordance with the chosen design standard. Users may also define their own bar arrangements or select the same from the user-library used to store preferred design solutions. Hence, the software can be used to automatically create a new design or for checking an existing one.

Analysis pattern loading & redistribution - automatically provides the bending moment and shear force envelopes in accordance with BS8110 or other design standards.

Automated RC design under user control - design criteria & bar details are all user-definable which means that the software can be adapted to match user and project needs.

Designing cross-sectional bar details - the 'Rebar Pre-selector' automatically provides users with a choice of bar arrangements that satisfy the requirements of the specified design code.

Longitudal Design: laps & curtailments - provides automatic design of laps and anchorages for all bars in the beam, including end bars, links and sidebars.

Rebar Editor: Making/checking changes - the Rebar-Editor is the most powerful design tool of its kind allowing users to make changes to bar lengths and splices.

Automatic detailing in AutoCAD - completed designs can be used by the CADS RC Beam Detailer macro in AutoCAD. Part of the powerful CADS RC detailing system the RC Beam Detailer is able to read the design and automatically create an intelligent drawing in just a few seconds!

Print detailed and summary calculation results - printout options include a compact one page summary, output of a raw text (.txt) file and the CADS Word Macro which automatically creates a report in Microsoft Word®.

Developed by Computer and Design Services Ltd
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