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Title CADS SMART Engineer
Software Category Analysis of Beams, Concrete Design, Wood Design, Steel Design, Masonry Design
License Type Commercial

Friendly calculation pad software for engineers. Design for all popular materials - Steel, Concrete, Masonry, Timber, Composite Beams.  Features hundreds of calculation templates.

SMART Project Management - Most projects require many separate and varied calculations. SMART Engineer helps designers to organise their work into projects and sub-projects.

SMART Analysis Tools - SMART Engineer comes complete with 2D Analysis tools for Single-Span, Multi-Span, Trusses and Frames. Analysis results can then appear as the template input data to check or design a frame member.

SMART Results & Printout - provides flexible facilities for layout and style of 'Calculation-Style' output. Results can be saved as a Text or RTF file, exported directly to Microsoft Word.

100s of Powerful design templates - provides hundreds of calculation templates for designing as well as checking all kinds of structural problems.  These include Eurocode templates. Just click on the link below to view the comprehensive range of templates available.

Developed by Computer and Design Services Ltd
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