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AutoFEM Static Analysis

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Title AutoFEM Static Analysis
Software Category General Structural Analysis
License Type Commercial

The main goal of static analysis is to check a structure used in machine-building or construction for strength.
At that, for the purposes of static analysis, it is assumed that forces applied to the structure do not change with time going on.
Most often, assessment of the static strength is carried out by way of comparing calculated strains in the structure and the yield point of the respective material. If the structure's strains do not exceed the material's yield point, this means that, with the applied loads, the system suffers only elastic deformations and the shape of the structure will be completely restored after the load disappears. Such mode of the item's functioning is most favourable in most cases.
If the structure's strains exceed the material's yield point, the deformations which the item suffers from the applied loads become irreversible and the structure will be irreversibly deformed. As a rule, under operating conditions of the item, this is inadmissible, and one should avoid such cases. (For more detail about strength theories, see the AutoFEM Analysis user manual.)
It is for such check of the structure's strength that the AutoFEM Static Analysis module is intended. It ensures the calculation of strength and strained condition for machine-building and construction structures directly in the AutoCAD environment. In advance, a 3D model of the system subject to calculation must be created or imported in AutoCAD. The functionality of the static analysis module permits to solve a variety of problems related to strength calculation. It has the following functional possibilities:

  • take into account the geometric non-linearity;
  • determine the stress-strain state of temperature effect;
  • perform calculations of contact problems;

Accounting for the influence of different types of mechanic loads such as force, pressure, linear acceleration, centripetal acceleration, and torque moment, load of bearing, hydrostatic pressure, additional mass, and rigidity (elastic base). Also, one can account for and set preliminary deformations of the structure (preliminary strained condition).

Developed by AutoFEM Software LLP
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Price: $ 1.495,00
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