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Software information [-]
Title MDX
Software Category Bridge Analysis, General Finite Element Programs, Steel Design
License Type Commercial

MDX Software Curved & Straight Steel Bridge Design & Rating is currently in use by many ENR Top 500 design firms and state DOTs to design and rate steel girder bridges for compliance with AASHTO Specifications: the 17th Edition of the AASHTO Standard Specification for Allowable Stress Design (ASD) and Load Factor Design (LFD), and the 6th Edition LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, including 2012 interims.

MDX Features

  • Timesaving geometry generation feature for laying out parallel/concentric girder systems, including those with variable horizontal curvature and skewed supports
  • Flexible nodal coordinate input feature for accomodating complex girder system framing plans and roadway layouts
  • Standard trucks and user-definable trucks (including rail loading)
  • Girder system analysis using grid (i.e. grillage) model, or plate and eccentric beam finite element model
  • Line girder (i.e. continuous beam analysis) approach also an option
  • Lane loading on influence surfaces or wheel load distribution on influence lines
  • Up to 20 spans, 60 girders
  • Steel plate I-girders, box girders, rolled shapes
  • Any girder web profile
  • Bearing stiffeners, intermediate transverse web stiffeners, longitudinal web stiffeners, box girder bottom flange stiffeners
  • Uniform or hybrid steel girders
  • Girder design generator for ASD, LFD, LRFD
  • Bolted web splice design for LFD, LRFD
  • Shear connector design
  • Weld design
  • Camber data and live load deflections
  • Incremental stress and deflection tables from slab pour sequence analysis
  • Performance ratio output
  • Girder rating according to ASD, LFD, LRFD
  • Variety of bracing types
  • Shape selection for bracing members
  • English or metric units, including hard conversion

New Features for Version 6:

  • Completely redesigned user interface
  • Compact .MDX file format for ease of project archiving and sharing
Developed by MDX Software
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Price: $ 7.500,00
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