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FEM Modeling of Bolted Beam to Column Joints With Haunches

A.S. Hossain.
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Politechnical University of Timisoara
M.Sc. Thesis
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The aim of this dissertation work is to investigate the behaviour of bolted beam to column joints with haunches under monotonic and cyclic load. To attain this purpose, a finite element solver named ABAQUS has been used. In the beginning of this paper is presented seismic performance of moment resisting frame. After that calibration of a numerical model of a T-stub is performed. The reference structures from which joints have been extracted for numerical analysis are briefly described in frame and joints design. Then a parametric study has been performed to assess the influence of different parameters on joints behaviour. These parameters are verification of design procedure, influence of member size, influence of haunch geometry, influence of panel zone strength, influence of beam clear span to depth ratio, influence of lateral restraints and influence of cyclic loading. At the end of this paper is presented conclusion where the important outcomes of this numerical analysis have been presented concisely.
finite element method,Abaqus,column joints