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Italina Anti-Seismic Legislation and Building Restoration

A. Bellicoso.
Book Title or Journal
International Journal for Housing Science
Number of pages
137 - 147
The study of the evolution of Italian anti-seismic legislation reveals the strategies and means of operating that have influenced and characterized the restoration of historical buildings in Italy. This work looks at some of the most important steps in anti-seismic legislation from the unification of Italy to the present day, with the aim of highlighting how legislation reflects the technical culture of differing periods, influencing the work practices involved in the restoration of the historical building patrimony, and how legislation has slowly changed to incorporate a growing interest in the safeguarding and conservation of the historical and architectonic patrimony. Safety legislation, in fact has often led to the incorporation of invasive structural elements that are out of place with respect to the original building tissue. In the first half of the last century, the impossibility of applying the models of modern science to stone buildings led to the transformation into frame-schemes through the insertion of new resistant structures. The 1908 Norms amended over time then led to the passing of Law 64/74. The Law and decrees that followed have focused on new construction and only marginally on the problems linked to work on existing structures although the most recent decrees issued by the Ministry of Public Works have shown a growing awareness of this theme which is gaining more interest on a cultural and scientific level, introducing the concept of “upgrading” as an alternative to “anti-seismic retrofitting” and as natural means of acting on monumental buildings. The most recent legislation includes the Ordinance of the President of the Council of Ministers n° 3274/03 and its amendments, and “Technical norms for construction” (Decree of the Ministry of Infra-structure and Transport n° 159 dated 14/9/2005), updated with the Decree of the Ministry of Infra-structure dated 14/11/2008.
Anti-seismic legislation,building restoration