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In this first issue of 2014, you will find the latest key industry news, including failures and interesting projects, while more can be found in our news center, which features daily articles written by structural engineering professionals. We also have a new collection of free downloadable papers on bridges, concrete structures and seismic design, hosted in the improved online library database and newly added upcoming conferences.

We also have great opportunities for new sponsors; if you company is interested in reaching out to thousands of structural engineering professionals per month, email us at to see how we can help you!

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Structural Engineering Breaking News News Center ensures you stay up-to-date with the latest breaking news of the industry!


Sochi Olympics Feature New Infrastructure and Stadiums 


World's Largest Solar-Powered Bridge Opens in London 


Minneapolis Green Line Nearly Complete


Pennsylvania To Use P3 Contracts To Fix Aging Bridges


Construction to Start on Los Angeles Hotel


4 Dead in Oklahoma and Nebraska Plant Blasts 


5 Things Jenga Can Teach People About Structural Engineering 


Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project Underway 


Comcast Announces Plans to Build 59-Story Skyscraper


North Carolina Condo Building Collapses During Storm   


TNO DIANA Announces the New Release of DIANA 9.5 along with a modern redesign of the MeshEdit functionality   


Bayonne Bridge to be Raised  


Video: Double Crane Collapse in Venezuela  


Frigid Temperatures Delay Tappan Zee Bridge Foundation   


La Guardia Replacement Contract to be Awarded this Spring    

New York Governor Outlines Sandy Rebuilding Plan    


17 Die in India Building Collapse    


California High Speed Rail Faces More Setbacks   


Panama Canal Expansion May Face Delays   


Toll Revenue Needed to Fund Brent Spence Bridge Project   


Florida SunRail Phase 1 Almost Completed   


New Tech Company Headquarters Built in 2013   


Apollo Theater Ceiling Collapse Injures 80   


Bay Bridge Fix Complete   


Workers Delicately Fix Leo Fridge Bridge    



Online Structural Engineering Library


A collection of publications available on the internet at no cost, in a new, advanced database. Currently the Online Structural Engineering Library includes 2882 documents in 20 categories and 3604 authors

New Additions:  
Concrete Structures  



Educational Structural Websites


The Educational Structural Websites Section is a collection of websites (ex. reports, abstracts, articles or any other material) that intend to teach/educate visitors on specific subjects of the structural engineering field, now in a new, advanced database. 

Currently  the  Educational  Structural  Websites  Section includes 323 resources in 16 categories.


New Additions:


Bouassida, Y., and Bouchon, E., and Crespo, P., and Croce, P., and Davaine, L., and Denton, S., and Feldmann, M., and Frank, R., and Hanswille, G., and Hensen, W., and Kolias, B., and Malakatas, N., and Mancini, G., and Ortega, M., and Raoul, J., and Sedlacek, G., and Tsionis, G. "Bridge Design to Eurocodes. Worked examples" EUR 25193 EN,European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Ispra (VA), Italy, 2012.  


Goicolea, J., M. "Railway bridges for high speed lines: dynamic behaviour and risk" Analysis and Risk Management in Production Activities, CERUP, Porto, Portugal, 2007.   


Wassef, W., G., and Smith, C., and Clancy, C., M., and Smith M., J. "Comprehensive design example for prestressed concrete (psc) girder superstructure bridge with commentary" Report No. FHWA NHI - 04-043, Modjeski and Masters, Inc., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA, 2003.  


Software on Structural Engineering


The new, interactive Structural Engineering Software Database includes programs, spreadsheets and web applications on analyses of beams, frames, plates, bridge, design of steel and concrete as well as other related fields. Currently the Structural Engineering Software Database includes 129 resources in 15 categories and more are added daily!    

Visit the Structural Engineering Software Listing 


Structural Engineering Forums and Bulletin Boards


The Structural Engineering Forums & Bulletin Boards were created to satisfy the need for free structural engineering information dissemination and communication.


Currently our 1,734 users have posted a total of 637 articles.


Visit the Forums

Events on Structural Engineering

Visit the Structural Engineering Events Database  


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