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Spectacular interchanges around the world

Geopier is installing GP3® piers in Logan County

Cast-Iron Concrete Cylinder Molds by Gilson

Concrete that traps CO2 emissions for good

Hayward Baker can assist you in evaluating the TRD technique for your project 

Can wood compete with steel and concrete as a building material?

Mixed reality to design Barcelona Camp Nou stadium upgrade


New system to construct a bridge span in 3 days

Greek government to demolish illegally built structures in the aftermath of deadly wildfire

Kinetic Engineering to make buildings moveable

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   Calculation Example
Calculation Example - Section Modulus S

A simple beam pinned at two ends is loaded as shown in the figure. Calculate the required section modulus S if σallow =1500 ΚΝ/m2, L =24 m, P =2000 KN, and q = 400  KN/m.


   Featured Event
Electrical Transmission and Substation Structures Conference 2018

When: 04 November 2018
The SEI/ASCE Electrical Transmission & Substation Structures Conference is recognized as the must-attend conference that focuses specifically on transmission line and substation structures and foundation construction issues. This event - for utilities, suppliers, contractors, and consultants - offers an ideal setting for learning and networking.


   Featured Book
 Structural Engineering Reference Manual (STRM8), 8th Edition

The Structural Engineering Reference Manual prepares you for the NCEES 16-hour structural engineering (SE) exam. It covers all exam topics and provides a comprehensive review of structural analysis and design methods. Exam-adopted codes and standards are frequently referenced, and solving methods-including strength design for timber and masonry-are thoroughly explained. You will learn how to apply concepts pertaining to vertical and lateral forces by reviewing the 244 example problems. You will also strengthen your problem-solving skills by working the 44 end-of-chapter practice problems. Each problem's complete solution lets you check your own solving approach. 

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