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Structural Breaking News
Altair will be the tallest residential towers in Sri Lanka

Profoscope Rebar Locators that make the task of locating reinforcing steel simple and efficient!

Colombian under-construction bridge collapsed, probably due to high loads

The 6.4-magnitude quake in Taiwan and the more than 100 reported aftershocks that rattled the region

Hayward Baker: Seaworld Electric Eel Featured


Could linking Scotland and Northern Ireland by a bridge become a reality?

Could circular runways revolutionize air travel?

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   Calculation Example
Calculation Example - Member Diagram.

Determine the diagrams for moment and shear for the following pinned at two ends beam. Total length 9m. EI constant. Units KN,m.


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Structures Congress 2018!

When: April 19-21 2018
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Concrete Design for the Civil PE and Structural SE Exams, 2nd Edition (CSCO2P)
Concrete Design for the Civil PE and Structural SE Exams presents the concrete design and analysis methods most needed by civil and structural engineering students.The book's 12 chapters provide a concise but thorough review of concrete theory, code application, design principles, and structural analysis. The 51 example problems demonstrate how to apply concepts, codes, and equations, and over 40 figures and tables provide essential support material. A complete nomenclature list defines the industry-standard variables and symbols used in each chapter.

Structural Engineering Job Opportunities
Bentley Systems Inc., Sunrise

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