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Structural Breaking News
One of the biggest dome structures in the US was demolished in a controlled implosion (video)

Montreal's interactive bridge changes color depending on weather, traffic and social media activity

    The optimal ground improvement solutions 


'Nail houses' in China: Construction put to a halt

Pro-Loader Load Frames by Gilson

Rain gardens in NY City to eliminate the overflows during intense precipitation events

40 years after Kelly Barnes dam failure

Hamburg's unique Concert Hall was designed by an algorithm

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   Calculation Example
Calculation example - Calculate tension force using virtual 

Calculate tension force F_AC in cable AC using virtual work for the weight of 10 KN. (The equilibrium is at φ=45 degrees)

   Featured Software
Meet CivilFEM!

CivilFEM by Novotech, enables engineers to perform cery sophisticate analysis, ranging frin response spectra methods to non-linear time history or pushover analysis, incorporating soil-structura interaction material non-linear effects and boundary non-linearity.


   Featured Book
Structural Engineering Reference Manual (STRM8), 8th Edition

The Structural Engineering Reference Manual, from PPI, prepares you for the NCEES 16-hour structural engineering (SE) exam. It covers all exam topics and provides a comprehensive review of structural analysis and design methods

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