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Chicago Ironworker Danny Drozd has spent 13 years working on various jobs around the city of Chicago including the Trump Tower, McCormick Place, and other skyscrapers.  He realized he had a tough time explaining to his friends what an ironworker does so he decided to attach a GoPro to his helmet one day and show what them what his day at work is like at his newest project.  Last week he posted the video to Youtube and it already has 300,000 views.

Friday, 15 August 2014 11:32

Historic Oregon Bridge For Sale

If anyone is in the market for purchasing an old bridge here is your chance. Multnomah county in Oregon has put the 88-year-old Sellwood Bridge up for sale until September 12th. The bridge is Oregon's only bridge with a four-span continuous truss holding up the roadway and the only known highway bridge nationally with such distinction. Despite not being listed on the register of the National Register of Historic Places, simply qualifying to be on the list is enough to force the county to put the bridge up for sale. The National Historic Preservation Act states that Multnomah county must seek out potential buyers before they can demolish the bridge.

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Bentley Institute Press, publisher of cutting-edge university textbooks and professional reference works for the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC), operations, geospatial, and educational communities, announced the publication of Principles of Structural Analysis – Static and Dynamic Loads, the second book in a three-part series.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 10:46

MDOT Completes State’s First Bridge Slide

Despite taking nearly 23 hours, more than double the anticipated time to complete the slide, the Michigan Department of Transportation successfully completed the state’s first slide-in bridge replacement on Sunday.  MDOT chose a bridge spanning Three Mile Road on US-131 to try out the Accelerated Bridge Construction technology.  In order to complete the project, a new 1.5 million pound bridge was built adjacent to the existing bridge.  The old bridge was then removed and the new bridge was slid into its permanent place using dish soap as the lubricant.  Instead of having to detour northbound traffic on US-131 for up to five months, the slide-in bridge technology means the northbound traffic will only be diverted for one week.  According to MDOT, the bridge slide technolgy’s ability to save drivers time and money is the key reason why it will become the new norm in bridge replacement when space permits.

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Despite only being half completed, the Brickell Center Tower in Miami is already the city’s most anticipated project.  The building is part of the $1.05 billion mixed-use project developed by Hong Kong based Swire Properties.  The development is Miami’s largest project at the moment.  The development is being completed in two phases with the first phase finishing in 2015 and phase II being completed in 2018.  The massive project will transform 9 acres along South Miami Avenue between Eighth and Sixth street.  Swire Prperties is building 5.4 million square feet of office, residential, hotel, retail and entertainment space.  There will also be 128,000 square feet of office space.  Brckell City Center is a source of pride for those involved in the project and many Miami residents see the development as a “symbol of urban sophistication.”

Researchers from Northeastern University in Boston have developed a system that can detect potholes before they occur. Drivers in the northern state run over countless potholes every winter. Many of these potholes across the country cause thousands of dollars worth of damage each year by popping tires, breaking axles, and throwing off vehicle alignment. As winter turns to spring, public works crews spend hundreds of hours fixing these potholes. The research group from Northeastern University believe that their system is ready to be transferred from their lab to the private sector for commercialization.

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Tuesday, 05 August 2014 10:47

Six Injured in Brent Spence Bridge Crash

Six people were injured this weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio when a car fell off the southbound deck of I-75 and landed on the northbound lanes of the highway below.  According to witnesses, a car tried to take an exit off I-75 that was located in the right lane by quickly cutting over from the left lane. A semi-truck ended up colliding with an SUV and sent the car over the guardrail. Six people were sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The eight-car pile-up closed all lanes of the bridge for two hours on Saturday.