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At least 3,150 illegally built structures in the wider area of Athens will be demolished after the fatal wildfires in June 23, according to Greek government.

A new revolutionary approach of building design suggests that a construction can be transformed into multiple sections by moving various parts of its structural form.

An upgrade is about be implemented in Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium and mixed reality is being used to realize it.

A quick deployable bridge system was presented by the University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center.

Wood presents a lot of benefits as a building material because it is strong, lightweight and environmental friendly. However, only changes in building codes will make wood competitive with steel and concrete.

Expects believe it is time to replace the conventional way a construction project is executed with a promising method called Modular Construction.

A new method to produce concrete that traps harmful CO2 emissions and increases the compression strength is implemented by Carbocure, a Canadian Start-up company.

Breaking the bond between the concrete and the steel reinforcement bars is now less noisy and messy

Researchers started the underground mapping of a 25km water supply network. Nowadays, it still seems to carry water under Attica, almost 1,900 years after its construction