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Via 57 West, a tall building in NYC, stands out from all other tall buildings thanks to its unconventional shape. Having been awarded as “The best tall building of America in 2016” ( by CTBUH, many photographers and journalists have caught images of this. West 57 has an entirely residential use with flats of two or three rooms.

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Nowadays, all buildings are rated for energy consumption and specific legislation in the EU aims to improve energy efficiency. On 4th of July, the EU announced that the European Commission reviewed a part of its Energy Efficiency Package, which is expected in autumn of this year.

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Monday, 03 August 2015 07:25

Video: Unusual And Weird Buildings

Buildings that are unusual and weird!

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  • Date occured Monday, 03 August 2015

The winners of the 7th World Architecture Festival are diverse and impressive. On the occasion of this great contest, which took place in Singapore, we can have a look at each of the buildings that have received praise. Below is a comprehensive presentation on the best architecture of the year-and a glimpse into the future of design.

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  • Date occured Wednesday, 08 July 2015

In Colombia, people have invented a new alternative green construction method for their homes, using old tires. Small buildings resembling igloos are becoming more and more frequent in the outskirts of the Colombian capital. View the video below for more information! 

A residential model unit built exclusively out of recycled steel shipping containers is now a reality on the southwest corner of Trumbull and Pine, just north of Interstate 75, in Detroit. The housing unit consisting of three storie  was constructed in the record time of six hours and 15 minutes and will serve as an example of what this new building approach is all about. 

While on a 2004 business trip to Phoenix, Arizona, British electrical engineer Hugh Pratt visited the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. As a lifelong admirer of Wright and a fan of midcentury modern architecture he asked the foundation if he might build an unrealized design for himself and his wife. The foundation affirmed his desire on the condition that Stephen Nemtin, a legacy fellow at the foundation, draw up the detailed plans. Pratt then purchased a 12-acre site in Wraxall, a small Somerset village 130 miles west of London, and the foundation agreed that the 1947 design that was intended for Santa Barbara, California, could be transplanted to the UK.

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Wednesday, 08 April 2015 04:44

Explosion in NYC Levels 3 Buildings

Around 250 firefighters responded last Thursday after a gas main leak caused an explosion that demolished three buildings in Manhattan’s East Village. 22 people were injured, four critically, and two people are thought to still be missing.

The explosion comes only a year after two buildings in Harlem collapsed after a gas leak last March, which killed eight and injured many more. The buildings were served by a 127-year-old gas main. Following the incident in 2014, industry experts warned that utilities in many parts of the U.S. were struggling to maintain or replace antiquated and leaky gas mains in older urban areas. Mains composed of cast iron or steel are the most vulnerable.

The two storey home in a Thai neighborhood for factory workers has a special feature that is not directly visible to the average eye. Hidden in the home's foundation is a system that allows it to float in case of extreme flooding events. This innovative floating system, developed in Thailand is a promising response to Thailand's high flooding frequency. 

Monday, 02 March 2015 03:05

United States Building Fewer Skyscrapers

The construction of an 1100-foot tall multi-use skyscraper is underway in downtown Los Angeles. At 2.1 million square feet and 73 stories tall the Wilshire Grand will be the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. While this is an impressive height, especially for L.A., it is dwarfed, worldwide, by roughly 40 structures. The majority of these buildings, around 34, exist outside of the U.S.