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A 66 foot long brick wall was blown down in China and this collapse, which occurred on a street in Lanzhou City, northwestern China, has claimed 2 lives and left 7 people injured. The trapped pedestrians were dug out by the rescuers using shovels and other tools as well as searching the debris for further victims.

The 2011 earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan left a devastating path of destruction and claimed the lives of 19,000 people.  Most of the hardest hit areas by the disaster including Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate were completely washed away. The Japanese government would now like to build 230 miles of walls along the coastline in these three prefectures. The project to tsunami-proof these stretches of land will cost $8.6 billion and take nearly 25 years to finance with taxpayer money.  While the government seems determined to build what is being dubbed “The Great Wall of Japan”, many of the 2011 disaster survivors feel that the walls are a waste of money and do not want to see Japan turn into a concrete fortress.

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  • Date occured Wednesday, 02 July 2014