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Researchers from EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) in Switzerland have found a bran-new method to determine whether a building is safe after an earthquake.

On Saturday, July 29th, the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge opened to the public in Switzerland. Having a length of 1621 feet, a width of just over two-feet and rising as high as 279 feet, the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge crosses the valley between the towns of Grächen in the north and Zermatt in the south.

The researcher Federico Augugliaro, uploaded the following video, which depicts two drones that without remote control build a bridge of ropes, which is able to lift the weight of an adult.

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  • Date occured Friday, 25 September 2015
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 13:21

The Longest Train Tunnel Has Been Completed

It is a fact that the 38-mile train tunnel that links Switzerland and Italy has finally been completed and it is scheduled to be in operation in June 2016.

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  • Date occured Wednesday, 02 September 2015

The world’s first peak-to-peak suspension bridge opened in Switzerland yesterday. The bridge’s 351-foot span is only 31 inches wide and it is located 9,800 feet above sea level. Anyone brave enough to cross the Peak Walk at Glacier 3000 will take in incredible views of the Swiss Alps including 24 peaks including Mont Blanc and Matterhorn. The ski resort opened this past weekend and the resort’s owners plan to keep the Peak Walk at Glacier 3000 open year round, weather permitting.  And the best news of all is it is free for everyone.

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  • Date occured Wednesday, 29 October 2014