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In 2013, architects Dayong Sun and Chris Precht founded Penda, with the aim to reconnect people with our natural environment through their designs. Since then, the Beijing and Vienna-based architecture firm has become internationally renowned. Perhaps their most inspiring design is the Rising Canes, a structure made exclusively from bamboo and rope which was proposed in Beijing Design Week in 2015.

Scientists have found a way to turn weakness into strength

3D printing technology is about to bring a housebuilding revolution. Even  two-story building s can now be constructed this way, as the villa shown in the photos below demonstrates.

In the last twenty years, China’s urban population has more than doubled and aggressive development in the cities was necessary in order to host more people. However, the massive urbanization resulted in thousands of historic sites and buildings being destroyed, to make way for roads and reservoirs. But gradually, instead of demolishing these structures, the practice of relocation began to gain ground, and nowadays it is a common procedure in the Asian country, with a whole industry behind it. The buildings are either disassembled from roof tile to foundation and rebuilt in a new position, or moved to it on rails.

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