The International Information Center for Structural Engineers

The 170-foot tower collapsed in the wrong direction, damaging the nearby cultural center

A harbored barge has been transformed into a floating swimming pool and a whole recreation area has been developed around it

The video was shot in the small local government area of the Shire of Moora in the northern Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, about 180 kilometers (112 mi) north of Perth

An innovative solution for mobile housing

This latest innovation is coming from Japan and combines functionality with sleek design

The bridge, which was expected to open in January 2019, was being built using a method called accelerated bridge construction

The proposed Dynamic Tower Hotel will have individually rotating units, allowing guests to swivel their rooms 360 degrees 

The Chacao Bridge is an emblematic project for the country. It is expected to improve quality of life, commerce and tourism for the Island of Chiloe, which will be united with mainland Chile for the first time.

Engineers and construction workers impressed the world with their efficiency 

The cable-stayed bridge, whose collapse killed 10 construction workers, was set to be opened in March as part of a major highway linked to the capital Bogota