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Friday, 01 August 2014 10:49

Sinkholes Found Near Lotte World Tower

Five years into construction on the Lotte World Tower, the developers of the skyscraper have received some worrying news. Two sinkholes have been reported in the residential neighborhoods surrounding the building and a nearby lake has seen its water level steadily declining over the past few years. One of the holes was located just 500 meters from the construction site and measured half a meter wide and 20 centimeters deep. The nearby lake has seen its water levels drop from 5 meters to 4.3 meters. Despite the local government ruling out the possibility that the skyscraper’s construction can be blamed for the two sinkholes and falling water level, the Seoul city government is investigating how the falling water level will affect nearby areas.

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  • Date occured Friday, 01 August 2014
Thursday, 24 July 2014 10:46

South Korea’s Tallest Skyscraper Opens

South Korea’s tallest building, the Northeast Asia Trade Tower (NEATT), has finally opened after being completed nearly three years ago. American firm Kohn Pedersen and Fox designed the tower and New York developer Gale International worked with South Korean steel company Posco Engineering and Construction to build the structure. The skyscraper is part of the $35 billion Songdo International Business District that was built from scratch starting eight years ago. The 1000-foot, $614 million skyscraper was completed in 2011, but its interior was not finished due to financial difficulties during the recession. After a three year delay, the NEATT is finally opening its doors to the public.

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  • Date occured Thursday, 24 July 2014
Tuesday, 18 March 2014 12:02

South Korea’s Invisible Skyscraper

Rather than try to build the world’s largest tower, hotel, or other type structure, South Korea has approved the world’s first invisible skyscraper. The 1,476-foot Tower Infinity will use cameras to capture real-time images of the surroundings and then process and display those images in a way to make the tower seem invisible.

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  • Date occured Tuesday, 18 March 2014
Wednesday, 19 February 2014 13:16

10 Dead in South Korean Auditorium Collapse

Ten people died and over 100 were injured on Monday night when the roof of the auditorium building at the Mauna Ocean Resort in Gyeongju, South Korea collapsed. Nine of the ten fatalities were students, and the other was a worker for the company organizing the school event. Officials believe the heavy snowfall in the area likely caused the roof to collapse, but a full investigation has been ordered.

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  • Date occured Monday, 17 February 2014