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Twelve brightly colored crosswalks is the solution proposed by Santa Monica’s officials for safer streets, at least in the city’s downtown area. The ‘Creative Crosswalks’ project was announced in July 2016, in an effort to reduce the number of traffic-related deaths and serious injuries to zero, an action plan called ‘Vision Zero’ but also to lure people to leave the car at home and walk instead. The Vision Zero initiative was launched in 2015 as part of a worldwide movement to reduce traffic deaths. Creative crosswalks have already been used in many cities around the world in order to make crossings more visible to motorists. And in Santa Monica, they even help breaking the stereotype that nobody walks in L.A.

The city of Santa Monica, California will spend $100,000 over the next year identifying steel, concrete, and wood-frame buildings that would be vulnerable to an earthquake. If investigators determine that a building is at risk, the owners of the building must retrofit the structure to comply with current building codes. A timeframe for when building owners must complete the retrofits has not been announced.