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Numerous people were trapped (22 of them injured) after a multi-story deck gave way in a beach house of Wildwood, New Jersey.

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Hudson River Rail Tunnels Have 20 Years Left in Life Expectancy https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/174-hudson-river-rail-tunnels-have-20-years-left-in-life-expectancy https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/174-hudson-river-rail-tunnels-have-20-years-left-in-life-expectancy The Hudson River Amtrak tunnels have 20 years left in their life expectancy

Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman recently stated that the two rail tunnels under the Hudson River in New York have less than 20 years left in their life expectancy before they need to be shut down. He states that he does not know the exact amount of time Amtrak has before the century-old tunnels need to close, but it could be less than 20 years. New tunnels will take approximately 7 to 9 years to complete once the project is officially agreed upon. Boardman would like to quickly resume planning for the multi-billion dollar tunnel replacements.

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Pulaski Skyway Rehabilitation to Reroute 34,000 Cars Daily https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/148-pulaski-skyway-rehabilitation-to-reroute-34-000-cars-daily https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/148-pulaski-skyway-rehabilitation-to-reroute-34-000-cars-daily The Pulaski Skyway rehabilitation will reroute 34,000 cars each day

The Pulaski Skyway Bridge rehabilitation project will begin on April 12, and some New York and New Jersey Residents are already dubbing it “carmaggedon.” Once construction begins, 34,000 of the 74,000 cars that use the bridge to travel between Newark, Newark Liberty Airport, Jersey City, and New York will need to find alternate routes for their commute for the next two years. While the New Jersey Department of Transportation will increase bus and train services and recommend alternate routes, they do say these options will not eliminate congestion for commuters. The rehabilitation project will extend the life of the 82-year-old bridge by another 75 years.

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Budget Finalized for $1.5 Billion Goethals Bridge Replacement https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/31-budget-finalized-for-1-5-billion-goethals-bridge-replacement https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/31-budget-finalized-for-1-5-billion-goethals-bridge-replacement Rendering of New Goethals Bridge

A deal was finalized between the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and a team of private companies to replace and demolish the existing Goethals Bridge connecting Staten Island and New Jersey. The team, named the NYNJ Link Partnership, is comprised of Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets Inc., Kiewit Development and Infrastructure, Weeks Marine, and Massman Construction. This is the Port Authority’s first public-private partnership and will be financed through tax-exempt bonds, loans, and developer contributions. The NYNJ Link Partnership is responsible for designing, building, financing, and maintaining the bridge. The replacement  bridge will improve the existing bridge by having 6 12-foot wide lanes, interior and exterior shoulders, a pedestrian and bike path, and a lane to be developed for buses, HOV, or light rail in the future.

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