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Two Keller divisions, GEO-Instruments and the Geotechnique, have been working together to develop a new, bespoke pile monitoring system on a prestigious project in the heart of the City of London.

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Franki's geotechnical work for the construction of Cervejas de Moçambique’s new brewery https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/950-franki-carried-out-geotechnical-work-for-the-construction-of-cervejas-de-mocambique-s-new-brewery https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/950-franki-carried-out-geotechnical-work-for-the-construction-of-cervejas-de-mocambique-s-new-brewery Aerial view of the site showing Franki’s three piling rigs

Franki Africa (a Keller company) is the largest, oldest and most established specialist contractor in sub-Saharan Africa. Franki had to call on all its experience to meet the array of challenges for the construction of a new brewery in Mozambique for Cervejas de Moçambique (CDM), a subsidiary of the largest global beer brewer, AB InBev. The project is the largest investment by CDM in Mozambique and is scheduled to produce its first batch of beers by the end of this year, giving its construction a very tight timeline.

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Restricted Access Piling at Hayes and Harlington Railway Station in London by Keller https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/947-restricted-access-piling-at-hayes-and-harlington-railway-station-in-london-by-keller https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/947-restricted-access-piling-at-hayes-and-harlington-railway-station-in-london-by-keller Keller UK working close to the platforms at Hayes and Harlington Station

Hayes and Harlington station serves the west London districts from Paddington Station to Heathrow and forms part of the Crossrail Package 3 upgrade which involves new trains, improved stations and easier, more reliable journeys for passengers in west London. These major upgrades are being carried out by Network Rail at stations on this section of the Crossrail (Elizabeth Line) route in preparation for the start of services in 2020.

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Keller wins global projects award for work on the Follo Line Project in Norway https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/942-keller-wins-global-projects-award-for-work-on-the-follo-line-project-in-norway https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/942-keller-wins-global-projects-award-for-work-on-the-follo-line-project-in-norway Some of the Keller team after the final jet grouted column was completed

Keller's work on the prestigious Follo Line Project in Norway has won an Award of Merit in the Rail category at the ENR (Engineering News-Record) Global Best Projects competition. The annual contest honours construction and design excellence from the past year around the world and is organized by ENR, a prestigious American construction magazine, and judged by an independent panel of industry professionals. Representatives from Keller's Follo Line team picked up the award at a ceremony in New York City on October 2.

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State-of-the-art drilling technology used in a £3.2bn project by Keller https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/933-state-of-the-art-drilling-technology-used-in-a-3-2bn-project-by-keller https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/933-state-of-the-art-drilling-technology-used-in-a-3-2bn-project-by-keller The view from above the shaft

Woodsmith Mine is being developed by Sirius to extract Polyhalite for use as an agricultural fertiliser. Sirius is in the process of sinking production and service shafts down to the potash deposits, which are located 1.5km below the Earth's surface. The production shaft is one of the deepest in Europe at 1530m.

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Keller's Geotechnical Construction Companies to Combine https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/905-keller-s-geotechnical-construction-companies-to-combine https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/905-keller-s-geotechnical-construction-companies-to-combine Keller’s geotechnical construction businesses in North America are joining together as one unified company, and rebranding to Keller, effective January 1, 2020.

Effective January 1, 2020, North America Keller companies McKinney Drilling, Bencor, Case Atlantic, Case Foundation, Hayward Baker, HJ Foundation, Keller Canada, and Moretrench will join together and rebrand to Keller.

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Virtual tour of Keller's remarkable geotechnical projects https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/885-virtual-tour-of-keller-s-remarkable-geotechnical-projects https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/885-virtual-tour-of-keller-s-remarkable-geotechnical-projects 2019 Keller Calendar

14 remarkable structures that addressed geotechnical challenges along with the solutions provided by Keller and fellow companies are presented in their 2019 virtual calendar.

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Hayward Baker expands its regional presence with new office facility in Phoenix https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/838-hayward-baker-expands-its-regional-presence-with-new-office-facility-in-phoenix https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/838-hayward-baker-expands-its-regional-presence-with-new-office-facility-in-phoenix Hayward Baker

Hayward Baker, North America's leader in geotechnical construction, announces the opening of a new office location in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Moretrench Announces New Water Treatment Division Management https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/837-moretrench-announces-new-water-treatment-division-management https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/837-moretrench-announces-new-water-treatment-division-management Moretrench-Ed Carter

Moretrench, A Hayward Baker Company, announced the addition of Ed Carter as the new Groundwater Treatment Division Manager.

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Hayward Baker has a new logo as part of Keller Group (video) https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/558-hayward-baker-has-a-new-logo-as-part-of-keller-group-video https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/558-hayward-baker-has-a-new-logo-as-part-of-keller-group-video Hayward Baker has a new logo as part of Keller Group (video)

Hayward Baker has a fresh, new logo as part of Keller Group of companies.

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