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Wednesday, 12 September 2018 14:03

500 Series Concrete Compression Machine by Gilson

Gilson 500 Series Concrete Compression Machines have 500Mlbf (2,224kN) capacities for strength testing of concrete specimens.

Thursday, 30 August 2018 12:33

Gilson Concrete Air Meters

Gilson's high-quality Type B Concrete Air Meter measures air entrainment from the fresh concrete sample in the base.

Thursday, 09 August 2018 06:45

Cast-Iron Concrete Cylinder Molds

Cast-Iron Concrete Cylinder Molds by Gilson are heavy castings, machined to exact dimensions and serial numbered for long-term repeated use.

Thursday, 03 May 2018 11:10

Concrete Crack Monitors by Gilson

The Gilson Crack Monitoring Record is a helpful tool to use for recording movement in crack width over time.

The HM-71 Gilson Concrete Rebound Test Hammer provides reliable estimates of in-place concrete strengths, allowing rapid assessments of large areas and delineation of potential problem areas.

The Profoscope Rebar Locators/Cover Meters by Gilson are versatile, fully-integrated rebar detectors and cover meters with detection capabilities to a maximum depth of 7in (180mm).

Gilson makes it easy to build the concrete compression machine that best fits your compression testing needs.

Thursday, 07 December 2017 10:50

Meet Gilson's High Capacity Shear Machines

The High Capacity Direct Shear Machine is specifically designed to measure the total resistance to shear of large, 12in (305mm) square soil samples or within a soil/geosynthetic specimen.

Tuesday, 07 November 2017 12:50

Pro-Loader Load Frames by Gilson

Meet Gilson Pro-Loader Load Frames!