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Via 57 West, a tall building in NYC, stands out from all other tall buildings thanks to its unconventional shape. Having been awarded as “The best tall building of America in 2016” ( by CTBUH, many photographers and journalists have caught images of this. West 57 has an entirely residential use with flats of two or three rooms.

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Just a few days ago, the commission of ENR Global Best Projects Awards announced the winners of its annual contest. These awards are for outstanding structures around the world, such as buildings, airports and cultural centers with a unique architectural style. The organizers are preparing a celebration for winners at New York Hilton Midtown, on 11th of October2016which is expected to be, as always, a special spectacle.

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Bridges, as the structures which connect two separated parts of land, make easier and faster our transportation. The materials, the shape and the design differentiate one bridge from the other. Although, there are lot of impressive bridges worldwide, one that stands out is the Helix Bridge in Singapore.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016 08:55

Architects design for medicine…

On 18th of July 2016, construction started for a new part of University Pediatric Center of Louisville in U.S.A. The completion of the structure is scheduled to be in July of 2018 and the cost is estimated at$79 million, as Louisville Business First reported. The aim is the expansion of the medical offices of University Pediatric Center, so that easy access to pediatrics doctors and medical care is provided in one location. 

Wednesday, 04 March 2015 03:12

Structural Art for Rent in Essex County

Intentionally designed to appear as four separate structures and the many historic pilgrimage chapels in the region; A House for Essex, designed by FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste) in collaboration with artist Grayson Perry, is one of the newest and most postmodern vacation spots along the British coast northeast of London. The exterior of the structure is clad with roughly 2000 custom ceramic tiles and is housed under a copper alloy standing seam roof with three cast-aluminum sculptures atop.