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Latvia has finished the construction of a 93-km barbed wire fence on the borders with Russia.

Engineers and construction workers impressed the world with their efficiency 

Construction work in China is taking place at a frenzied pace the last few years, but since all that new infrastructure requires space, in many occasions buildings have to be torn down and residents to move in order to make room for new projects. There are however, dwellings that stand alone like a nail that refuses to be hammered down, the so-called ‘nail houses’, when owners resist dispossession of their land by developers or hold out for better compensations.

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In the evening of the 9th of May, a large crawler crane collapsed in Varese, Italy while lifting a large section of a new viaduct at the Arcisate Stabio railway yards. The piece of concrete bridge was never put into place, as the Vernazza-owned crane lost its stability and overturned, dumping its load on the ground. Although several people were on site watching the operation, luckily no one was injured. The crane’s operator is also safe, as he managed to get out of the cabin in time, jumping from a height of nearly three meters.

A short bridge was demolished in downtown LA, as it was standing in the way of the Regional Connector project, the city’s metro line extension. The bridge, leading to Hope Street, was built in the area where the construction of the 2nd Street/Hope Station is taking place. The station will serve the northwest part of DTLA, including Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Broad, the Los Angeles Music Center, MOCA and many offices and residences in the area.

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Hayward Baker, Inc., a Keller Company, helps owners and developers overcome challenging foundation design and construction issues on a daily basis.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016 08:55

Architects design for medicine…

On 18th of July 2016, construction started for a new part of University Pediatric Center of Louisville in U.S.A. The completion of the structure is scheduled to be in July of 2018 and the cost is estimated at$79 million, as Louisville Business First reported. The aim is the expansion of the medical offices of University Pediatric Center, so that easy access to pediatrics doctors and medical care is provided in one location. 

Friday, 20 March 2015 12:46

Bristol Arena winning design announced!

Winning designs of the Bristol Arena were announced this week! The £90 million project located next to Bristol Temple Meads railway station, in the Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, is estimated to open by 2017.

The interactive timeline below shows how the London skyline has changed over the past 50 years. London's skyline has been changing rapidly, especially over the last 15 years with skyscarpers like the Walkie-Talkie, Heron Tower and the Shard being completed. There are currently over 200 new buildings over 20 stories tall proposed in London ensuring that the skyline will continue to change in the future.

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  • Date occured Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Australian real estate firm Modscape unveiled the plans for a dream house concept attached to the side of a cliff. The designs are meant to show potential buyers how Modscape can create homes located near some of Australia’s coastal areas, or in this case attached to the side of a cliff. Modscape specializes in custom built sustainable modular architecture. The house is made from prefabricated pieces and is attached to the cliff by steel pins. While some might be to scared to enter the home from fears of the house falling into the ocean, former president of the Royal Insitute of British Architects Maxwell Hutchinson believes that design is structurally safe.

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