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Thursday, 09 August 2018 06:45

Cast-Iron Concrete Cylinder Molds

Cast-Iron Concrete Cylinder Molds by Gilson are heavy castings, machined to exact dimensions and serial numbered for long-term repeated use.

Wood presents a lot of benefits as a building material because it is strong, lightweight and environmental friendly. However, only changes in building codes will make wood competitive with steel and concrete.

A new method to produce concrete that traps harmful CO2 emissions and increases the compression strength is implemented by Carbocure, a Canadian Start-up company.

Breaking the bond between the concrete and the steel reinforcement bars is now less noisy and messy

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Thursday, 03 May 2018 11:10

Concrete Crack Monitors by Gilson

The Gilson Crack Monitoring Record is a helpful tool to use for recording movement in crack width over time.

The HM-71 Gilson Concrete Rebound Test Hammer provides reliable estimates of in-place concrete strengths, allowing rapid assessments of large areas and delineation of potential problem areas.

MIT students have found a way to produce plastic-reinforced concrete that is up to 15% stronger than conventional concrete, by adding irradiated bits of plastic water bottles

A rectangular column (400mmX400mm) is constructed of concrete and four steel reinforcing rebars. An axial force of 1000KN is subjected on the column. What is the diameter of the steel bars if the ¼ of the load is transferred to the steel bars and ¾ is transferred to the concrete? ( EST=200GPa, Ec=25GPa)

The company claims that about half the time or less is needed to erect a residential structure compared to the time it takes to build using the traditional methods

They used the principle of plant photosynthesis to create energy

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