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Scientists from the Brunel University in London and Mutah University in Jordan have developed a new type of concrete capable of curing in extreme warm or cold weather.

Researchers from the University of Arkansas will study the behavior of cross-laminated timber panels installed in the new residence hall of the campus.

A bridge in Germany was painted to look like it's made out of huge LEGO bricks and the outcome is impressive.

The four most efficient methods to repair active cracks in concrete are presented below.

In a new study, researchers have developed a method to improve concrete's performance when subjected to fire using recycled fibers from tires.

Shanghai hosts the longest 3D-printed bridge made of concrete in the world.

A new 3D cementitious panel is introduced as a material that could protect houses from natural disasters.

A group of German researchers has found a way to manipulate construction waste by turning them into new materials.

Researchers have developed micron-sized calcium silicate spheres that could increase concrete's strength and reduce its environmental footprint.

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